Damaged Roof?
Don’t Wait!

Damaged Roof?

Don’t let a small roofing problem turn into a big roofing problem…

In the challenging Alaskan climate, our homes are constantly exposed to the unforgiving forces of nature making issues like leaks, structural damage, and pest infestations nearly unavoidable.

Infrared moisture surveys, drone imaging, and routine roof inspections provide an economical way to identify leaks, heat loss, and specific areas of wet insulation and moisture present in the existing roof system.

Common Roof Problems We Can Fix

  • Leaking Skylights
  • Missing Shingles
  • Environmental Damage
  • Rot and Structural Damage
  • Ice Damming Prevention
  • Replacing Insulation
  • Roof Venting
  • Flashing and Waterproofing 
  • Recaulking Penetration Points 

Our expert team will identify and address any potential problem areas, ensuring your home remains a secure and comfortable sanctuary for years to come!